After much deliberation, MOLE Design has decided to officially support The Polis Animal Rescue group.

This does not, of course, mean we will cease working with other charities (Threshold, UNFFT) and giving our time to them, just that The Polis Animal Rescue group will get a higher level of support which includes

  • Financial Support
  • Hosting and IT Support
  • Web and Social Networking Support
  • Marketing and Digital campaigns
  • Same support and response times as a paying client


Other charity work is handled on a case by case basis and is typically done for free. Larger more well-funded charities can opt to have paid for support (at a substantial discount), but this is purely optional. There are no hidden catches in out charity work, and should numeration be required; this will only be for such things as better hosting (for high traffic sites), software licensing (for third party required software not available Open Source).